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The Dreamcatcher

If you follow me on Instagram, you’re probably aware that we’ve been in our home-town-island of Puerto Rico, escaping from the New York winter (which apparently hasn’t been that bad aside from that insane storm. Go figure; first time we’re able to escape in 4 years and winter decides to be chill, no pun intended). A couple of years ago we did a post about what to do in PR and since then, a lot has changed so we want to update it.

There’s so many great things happening right now! New restaurants, shops, bars, hotels…new everything! Within all this economical crisis and insane amount of money our government ows the US of A (which don’t get me wrong, it’s horrible and seems impossible to bounce back from), theres something really great happening. Little by little, our generation is taking chances and the results are looking pretty good. Depending on who you ask, things are really shitty or the future is looking bright. I tend to listen to the bright side of things. Negativity just makes things worse.

Anyway, my sister told me about this new hotel in Ocean Park she was obsessing with called The Dreamcatcher. I wanted to show you this place beforehand because I have too many great pictures to share.

I’m a big fan of interior design, and some of the most beautiful restaurants in Puerto Rico were designed by Sylvia De Marco, who happens to be one of the owners of The Dreamcatcher. As soon as I stepped through the door I thought: this must be the epitome of tropical beauty. I wasn’t wrong.

The place you spend your nights (and sometimes days) when you go somewhere, is truly important.  Booking the wrong place can screw up your whole stay. We had an awful experience in Rincón which I’d rather not even talk about.

Everything at The Dreamcatcher is so well thought of and the vibe is so chill. Pictures don’t even come close to what this place really is, it’s more of an experience; the smell, the lighting, the ambience, the vibes; all things a camera cannot capture. It’s like one of those “you had to be there” moments. Only it’s a series of moments and not just one.

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Even though you’re technically in the city, you’re surrounded by nature and the sound of the Coquís make you feel like you’re in a little tropical haven.



The Lobby


There’s a big blue translucent panel that when the sun hits around 1pm, your skin looks like this. No photoshop, no filter. Oh, and I’m wearing the Doble Ring.

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They have the most beautiful collection of tropical chairs you could imagine.


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They have a chef who makes delicious vegan or vegetarian breakfast. These right here are matcha pancakes, veggie omelet and fresh pineapple ginger juice made by Chef Jerome. He also brews delicious kombucha there.



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We fell in love with the Dreamcatcher and Tropicalia suites. (We asked for a little tour of the place because I wanted to see it all)


Stairs to the Tropicalia Suite




You shower outdoors! Thing which I’m a big fan of.. and even more when it was in the low 20’s back in home #2: Brooklyn, NY.




Communal Kitchen #1


Communal (Outdoor) Kitchen #2



The yoga spot





As you can see in some pictures, there are actual dreamcatchers all over the place. The most beautiful ones are all made by our dear friend Roy Delgado from Tropical Depression. Make sure to check out his amazing work.


 That’s some of this gorgeously beautiful place. I’ll be sharing more of Puerto Rico’s goodness on Instagram first and later here.

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