Hello my dears, I’ve been working for over a year on this new collection. After much ripped pages, burns and cuts and lots of cups of coffee, I present to you my second collection called Serie no.2.

The Serie no.2 explores jewelry as a wearable sculptural object. I played with the dualities between geometric and organic shapes. The transition of these shapes from rigid to a more flexible form and how both can live in harmony on the body. The series was inspired by modernism in sculpture, architecture and modernist jewelry from ’40s to the ’70s.

The series highlights bold statement pieces mostly in sterling silver and in some, with the option of brass.

I also worked on a small collection of 100% merino wool scarves using the “wet felting”  technique, known as the oldest form of fabric making. I thought it would be interesting to highlight its relevancy in modern times.



Coyote-Negro-Serie-2 12

Coyote-Negro-Serie-2 22

Coyote-Negro-Serie-2 4

Coyote-Negro-Serie-2 6

Coyote-Negro-Serie-2 3

Coyote-Negro-Serie-2 20


Coyote-Negro-Serie-2 18

Coyote-Negro-Serie-2 13

Coyote-Negro-Serie-2 16

Coyote-Negro-Serie-2 10

Coyote-Negro-Serie-2 9






Coyote-Negro-Serie-2 23

Cierah-for-CoyoteNegro 17

Coyote-Negro-Serie-2 8

Coyote-Negro-Serie-2 11


Coyote-Negro-Serie-2 2

Photography and Art Direction: Nosotrus | Model: Cierah Sargent | Beauty: Regina De Lemos | Photo Assistant: Sandra Arenas

Shop the collection on the new website:

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