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Palm Sunday

Disclaimer: This is not a catholic or religious post. However, I do enjoy some of it’s aesthetics; crosses, architecture, saints, rosaries… but it’s just the visuals that I enjoy. I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school, so I’m pretty familiar with most of these things, but since this post is not a bout religion, let’s put aside all beliefs and appreciate how beautiful these palms are. They’re truly pieces of art. I could have a huge one in a gorgeous vase on a corner in my house. The best part is I’ll never have to water it.

For those who don’t know, they’re given on the first Sunday of Lent (also known as Palm Sunday or Branch Sunday…not to be confused with BRUNCH Sunday).



1SS-PALMAS_38578 palmas



Xalapa, Ver.- Comerciantes de ramos del mercado San José y de los escalones de la Catedral, se encuentran listo para la venta de Domingo de Ramos ellos esperan que las ventas mejoren. FOTO: GUSTAVO MARIO CID/FOTOVER.






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