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The Dreamcatcher

If you follow me on Instagram, you’re probably aware that we’ve been in our home-town-island of Puerto Rico, escaping from the New York winter (which apparently hasn’t been that bad aside from that insane storm. Go figure; first time we’re able to escape in 4 years and winter decides to be chill, no pun intended). A couple of years ago we did a post about what to do in PR and since then, a lot has changed so we want to update it. Continue Reading


Beautiful Imperfection

Perfect romantic silhouettes by mahsa. A nonchalant, low key but ultra chic label from New Zealand founded in 2015. Beautiful Imperfection is the first collection and it celebrates the beauty that comes from imperfection. Continue Reading


About Arianne

Here’s another discovery directly from Barcelona. This time it’s footwear. I think shoes are one of the most essential parts of getting dressed. It’s what sets up the posture and tone of what you’re wearing. I’m a big fan of a simple outfit paired up with a great shoe. Continue Reading


Über den Wolken

Recently I’ve seen a couple of Barcelona based brands that are killing it. I always like to see what’s going on in Spain (especially in Barcelona) since they’re my go-to in trends. From hairstyles to shoes and everything in-between. Continue Reading



Hello my dears, I’ve been working for over a year on this new collection. After much ripped pages, burns and cuts and lots of cups of coffee, I present to you my second collection called Serie no.2. Continue Reading