Today we celebrate all kinds of love and all its goodness, badness, complications, kitschyness, happiness & craziness. The good and the bad ones.. because from the bad we learn to know ourselves better, what we like, what we hate.. what makes us happy, and our limits. We get to form stronger friendships and stronger selves.

And to the good ones because love comes in all kinds of sizes, shapes and breeds. Not just a lover, but a good friend, our sisters, brothers and family. Our pets that love us no matter what.

So this mix tape has a bit of everything.. starting with this random lady from the 80’s Italo Disco scene called Raimunda Navarro. Her music is so bad (for my taste).. but I just love this piece. For the ones that don’t understand.. this is what she’s saying:

“I want to shout to the highest mountain.
Tell the world I’ve found love and what it means to me.
But what surrounds me is violence and laws that fasten me.
Maybe one day they’ll understand… Love is not only a man and a woman.
Love is strange and out of control.”

So to all of you my lovers.. Happy Valentine’s day!



Raimunda Navarro- “Quisiera gritar de la montaña mas alta”
Chris Isaak – Wicked Game
Los Brincos – Tu Me Dijiste Adios
Holly Golightly – If I Could Just Be Loved By You
The Modern Lovers – Someone I Care About
Jacob Miller – Baby I Love You So
Las Grecas – Te Estoy Amando Locamente
Matias Aguayo – Aonde
Gustavo Cerati – Beautiful
Draco Rosa – Amantes Hasta el Fin
Los Zafiros – La Luna En Tu Mirada
Draco Rosa -Hablando del AmorBonus Track: Tyler, The Creator – IFLY


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