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The Dreamcatcher

If you follow me on Instagram, you’re probably aware that we’ve been in our home-town-island of Puerto Rico, escaping from the New York winter (which apparently hasn’t been that bad aside from that insane storm. Go figure; first time we’re able to escape in 4 years and winter decides to be chill, no pun intended). A couple of years ago we did a post about what to do in PR and since then, a lot has changed so we want to update it. Continue Reading


España: Madrid y Córdoba

We found super cheap tickets to Madrid and decided to re-visit it. I lived in Seville for about 6 months in 2007 so I’m familiar with its culture and language. Because even though I speak spanish, understanding spaniards is not that easy when you’re latino. Continue Reading


New Mexico

I went to New Mexico for my 30th birthday.. yes 30.. I’ve reached that line! I’ve always thought about it like being such a big deal. Like I would already have my life figured out and I’d be working a 9 to 5 job, getting ready to get married and thinking about names for babies.

Guatemala Parte Dos!

Here’s the second part of our trip. These pictures take me back to the burning sun, the taste of cardamon spiced chocolate, the sound of the lake and the peace of mind. Cannot stop thinking of when I’ll go back and stay there for at least 3 months. So many things to see and learn from the Mayan culture! Here are my recommendations if you are traveling to Guatemala.

Continue Reading